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Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke bring their kids to work

So much cuteness!

By Alex Lilly
Now this is what we call a family photo!
Melbourne Fox FM hosts Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke just celebrated Bring Your Kids To Work Day and judging by the many photos uploaded to social media, it looks like the kids felt very much at home in the studio.
The Fox FM family celebrated Bring Your Kids To Work Day. (Image: Instagram @fififevbyron)
Things got a bit silly in the studio! (Image: Instagram @singlemomsseeking)
New dad Brendan Fevola left baby Tobi at home but brought his two middle daughters Leni, 12 and Lulu, eight while Fifi Box brought in her daughter Trixie, five and Byron's 10 year-old son Zephyr joined the gang too.
Leni even took to the phones at tried her hand at being a radio producer, while Trixie and Lulu didn't look as keen to start work in the early hours of the morning with the grown ups!
Fif shared the team photo on her personal Instagram account saying, "Bring your kids to work day! This morning @brendanfevola25 @byroncooke and I brought our littlies into the radio station to watch their iPads for three hours while we worked."
Lulu and Trixie didn't seem so keen to get to work! (Image: Instagram @fififevbyron)
Mum of one Fifi welcomed daughter Trixie in April 2013 but didn't confirm that Trixie's father was Grant Kenny until three years after her birth.
Fifi and Grant decided to address the topic of Trixie's paternity with a series of family snaps on their daughter's third birthday.
Fifi and Grant secretly dated in 2012 but broke up just before the 39-year-old revealed she was pregnant.
Speaking to Woman's Day in 2014 about life as a new dad, Grant said, "I'm very happy."
Fifi shares daughter Trixie Box with former ironman Grant Kenny. (Image: Instagram @fifi_box)
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the radio personality said, "I'm too busy being a working mum to focus on anything other than my precious little girl."
"She means the world to me and I'm doing all I can to protect her and ensure she has a happy, stress-free, easy path in life, just what any parent wants for their child."
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Meanwhile her co-host Byron Cooke has one 10 year-old son, Zephyr, with his ex-wife Crissy Whalin, both of whom live in the United States.
Byron and Crissy continue to co-parent like pros however, as they've known each other for 15 years and simply want the best for their son.
In a post explaining their relationship on Instagram, Crissy wrote, "It didn't work out, and we still get on each other's nerves, by no means is it perfect or close to it, BUT we try really hard. It has it's ups and downs but I know we both want Z to have good memories of us from his childhood. So sometimes we just have to suck it up and be actual grownups."
And of course Brendan "Fev" Fevola is dad to four daughters, though his eldest, Mia and youngest Tobi weren't there. We reckon at under three months old, Tobi wouldn't appreciate the experience as much anyway.
The 2015 I'm A Celebrity winner shared a gorgeous photo of his family of six during his birthday celebrations so let's hope we see them all again soon!
Fev's four girls shortly after Tobi was born. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)