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Brendan and Alex Fevola give a positive update on baby Tobi's health scare

Baby Tobi gave her parents a horrific scare - and now they've revealed exactly what went wrong.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Radio host Brendan Fevola and his wife Alex just experienced every parent's worst nightmare - having to take their newborn baby girl Tobi to hospital.
The couple shared the scary news with their followers on Monday, explaining they were so worried about their sick daughter that they sought professional help.
"Didn't think it was possible to love you any more beautiful girl but seeing your innocent little face still trying to smile at me through your tears, was heart wrenching," make-up artist Alex wrote on Instagram on Monday night.
"I can not thank the Nurses and Doctors enough, for helping my little cherub get better. Still not fully well but feeling a lot better thanks to the wonderful care. Can't wait to get you home bubba 💕," the touching post continued.
Alongside Alex's message was a heartbreaking image so many parents will be able to relate to - a photo of tiny Tobi sleeping peacefully on her hospital bed with a drip in her arm.
The post Alex shared on Monday. (Image: Instagram)
Brendan Fevola with his baby girl. (Image: Instagram)
While Brendan and Alex initially kept quiet about exactly why Tobi was hospitalised, now they've explained what happened.
"Tobi had a mild temp on Sunday and looked a bit pale and wasn't herself. I wasn't sure whether to take her or not as there were no other symptoms," Alex wrote on Instagram.
"My gut feeling was that something wasn't right and thank god I took her. Parents make sure you get your baby medical attention if they have a temperature before 3 months of age," she said.
Tobi is just too adorable. (Image: Instagram)
What an angel. (Image: Instagram)
Alex continued: "Tobi had a simple UTI (urinary tract infection) from a runny nappy BUT what I didn't know is that babies this young can't compartmentalise infection so a basic UTI can spread into their blood stream and cause serious and sometimes fatal complications.
"This is why she was admitted and treated with intravenous antibiotics. Thank God we got onto it quickly and the infection hadn't spread to kidneys or anywhere else."
Poor Tobi!
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Brendan and Alex, who first married in 2005 before divorcing in 2014 and becoming engaged again in 2016, welcomed Tobi on November 28 last year via c-section.
At the time of Tobi's arrival, radio host Brendan tricked us all into thinking he'd named his daughter Brenda, but it turned out it was just one big prank.
Tobi joins three adoring big sisters Mia, 18, Leni, 12 and Lulu, eight.
Sending our love to Tobi and the Fevola clan.

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