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Brendan Fevola's two-month-old daughter Tobi has been hospitalised

Wishing precious Tobi a very speedy recovery.

At just two months old, Brendan and Alex Fevola's newborn daughter Tobi has been taken to hospital following an illness.
On Monday night, the retired AFL champ and his wife revealed via Instagram that their fourth child was so unwell that they were seeking professional help.
"Didn't think it was possible to love you any more beautiful girl but seeing your innocent little face still trying to smile at me through your tears, was heart wrenching," make-up artist Alex penned.
"I can not thank the Nurses and Doctors enough, for helping my little cherub get better. Still not fully well but feeling a lot better thanks to the wonderful care. Can't wait to get you home bubba 💕," the touching post continued.
Alongside Alex's message was a heartbreaking image so many parents will be able to relate to - a photo of tiny Tobi sleeping peacefully on her hospital bed with a drip in her arm.

Dad Brendan, 38, also posted a touching snap of his baby in hospital, musing: "Tobi is on the road to recovery this little champion has been the best baby over the last 2 days. @alexfevolamakeup your the best mum a baby could ask for, you are exhausted and haven't slept and still haven't stopped looking after our baby. Both having a nap now Alex first in 36 hours I love you snooks ❤️ #supermum #tobi #family #love."
Neither Brendan or Alex have specified exactly what was wrong with their daughter, which bizarrely seemed to irk one social media troll.
"Don't post if your not going to explain what's actually wrong. It's like look our girl is in hospital but we're not telling you why. Attention seeking much! If you don't want anyone to know don't post," one cruel comment read.

It didn't take long for Alex's fan base to hit back at the troll.
"How rude!!! They don't have to share everything," one person noted.
"What the actual? It's obvious Tobi is unwell. Didnt realise Alex is required to provide a full medical report so ppl like you dont b---h and are satisfied with the content in the post. Instead of having a go try wishing Tobi a speedy recovery," another added.
"What a horrible nasty person you are. Maybe they aren't ready to share and truth be told its no ones business but theirs anyway. Be kind or be quiet," a third said.
Despite the out-of-line troll, Alex's post was inundated with well-wishes and love.
Brendan and Alex, who first married in 2005 before divorcing in 2014 and becoming engaged again in 2016, welcomed Tobi on November 28 last year via c-section.
At the time of Tobi's arrival, radio host Brendan tricked us all into thinking he'd named his daughter Brendan, but it turned out it was just one big prank.
Tobi joins three adoring big sisters Mia, 18, Leni, 12 and Lulu, eight.
Sending our love to Tobi and the Fevola clan.
Brendan cuddles Tobi from her hospital bed. (Image: @brendanfevola25 Instagram)