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Home & Away’s Bonnie Sveen gives fans an unprecedented glimpse at her twin daughters in a rare new photo

Double the cuteness.

By Maddison Hockey
Beloved Home And Away actress Bonnie Sveen may be accustomed to the spotlight but it's not something the star looks to shine on her twin daughters.
Since welcoming Myrtle Mae and Emerald Lois in late 2018 Bonnie has actively kept her girls, who she shares with partner Nathan Gooley, away from the public eye.
Over the past two years Bonnie has given rare glimpses of the twins on occasion, always minding to keep their faces out of view.
Now, the star has shared a new family snap, showing what may be the most of the twins we've seen since their birth – and it's all for a very good reason.
Taking to Instagram the family of four posed with identical brown bands painted across their foreheads as part of an Aboriginal ceremony on January 26th.
While Myrtle and Emerald are facing the camera, Bonnie's partially kept their faces covered with identical sets of cartoon sunglasses.
Bonnie shared a rare glimpse at her toddlers. (Instagram)
"Absolute privilege to be with my family, standing in solidarity with Palawa Pakana community and all First Nations people across the country, today," Bonnie wrote
"Thank you so much @notthisblackduck and @trishytaka for allowing us to participate in your traditional ceremony. 🌿
"The love I have for this place, the land and water, is deep - and it's the biggest honour to listen, learn from and support my Aboriginal / Blak friends, neighbours and greater online community."
Bonnie and Nathan make an effort to keep their twins away from the spotlight. (Instagram)
Speaking to TV WEEK in July last year Bonnie, who famously played Summer Bay's Ricky Sharpe, admitted that while she "adores" being a mum to her girls, it hasn't been easy.
"Having a baby is a huge transition for most women," she revealed.
"I'm going to be really frank. The first year was so hard; it was just something you can't prepare for. Energy-wise and physically, having two was a huge, huge thing for me."
Bonnie sings Nathan's praises. (Instagram)
The 32-year-old credited her partner Nathan to helping her navigate parenthood.
"When the girls turned one, I started to actually feel like myself again," Bonnie revealed.
"I got little moments of freedom and trusted myself more as a parent."

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