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Are these REALLY the names of Beyonce and Jay's twins, or are we being trolled?

We're not sold...

By Bella Brennan
In a world of Blues, Apples and Rockets, we're expecting pretty groundbreaking things when it comes to the titles of Beyonce and Jay Z's twins.
While the couple, who reportedly welcomed a son and a daughter on Monday, June 12, are yet to officially comment, a new report from MediaTakeOut.com claims to have the "juicy" scoop.
However after hearing their alleged titles, we're just a little underwhelmed/not really buying it.
According to their insider: “The boy’s name is Shawn after his dad, and the girl’s name is Bea – after their parents.”
For those not across Jay Z's non-stage name, he was actually born Shawn Corey Carter. And shouldn't "Bea" be spelled Bey?
Naming one's offspring after yourself is certainly a nice sentiment, yet somewhat self-indulgent.
Of course, in Hollywood it's not an uncommon trend with star's like Usher, Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp all passing on a variation of their moniker's to their sons.
But considering the Carter-Knowles twins' older sister has been dubbed Blue Ivy Carter, wouldn't they dip back into the colour chart for a bit of consistency?
It's also important to note that clever celebs leak ~fake news~ all the time to find out if they have any moles in their camp, .
When North West was born in 2013, reports at the time incorrectly claimed she was called Kaidence Donda West.
So are Bey and Jay just trolling us? Only time will tell!
Bey and Jay's face when they realise they took us for a ride...