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Becky Miles' exciting hospital update as her premature daughter reaches a promising milestone

''She's doing so well.''

By Faye Couros
A few weeks after welcoming her daughter, Billie, seven weeks early, Becky Miles has shared a promising update from the hospital.
Taking to Instagram, she shared two selfies with her daughter lying on her chest with a tube attached to her face.
Writing a lengthy update, she shared an exciting milestone her girl has achieved which may mean she can come home soon.
Becky gave birth to her daughter seven weeks early. (Image: Instagram)
"Our little Billie goat is doing well," she assured fans.
"We had a few unsuccessful days managing four breastfeeds (only doing three, she got too tired so needed a tube)."
However, after some unsuccessful tries, they finally struck gold yesterday when they "smashed a successful four breastfeeds and snuck in one bottle feed overnight".
"Today, we are aiming for five breastfeeds! She is doing so well," Becky wrote.
Then Becky confirmed they're at their last hurdle by sharing, "Once we are at 48 hours of full "suck" (bottle or breast) feeds (eight in total) then we can take her home."
She also gave advice to other mums going through a similar experience. (Image: Instagram)
In her next Instagram story, she shared an update about how she was processing the experience.
She encouraged her fans in similar situations to take some time for themselves after a massage changed her life.
"And I'm doing pretty well… one thing I'm really happy about is today I had one of my pregnancy massages (that I booked in ages ago for pregnancy)," Becky wrote.
"I nearly cancelled them, but I feel like a new woman.
"So any new mums out there, I highly recommend getting some time in to do something nice for yourself (even if it's small).
"We are just so very in love with you 🌸." (Image: Instagram)
"Because I tell you… it makes all the difference to my physical and mental health," she wrote.
Becky announced the arrival of her bub on Instagram by posting a photo from the hospital with Billie and her partner James Bevin.
"Welcome to the world little girl ~ we are just so very in love with you 🌸," she wrote.
"Billie Austin Bevin, born morning of 30 April ~ 33 weeks 3 days old. She's early but doing so well 💗."
The family is besotted with their new edition, and the journey home couldn't come soon enough!