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“Every day is a little bit crazy!” Bec Judd reveals the truth about homeschooling four kids in lockdown

The mum and business woman is making it work!

By Maddison Leach
Stuck in lockdown like millions of other Aussies, Bec Judd is totally honest about how she's handling being stuck inside.
"I'm currently home schooling four kids so every day is a little bit crazy," she admits to Now To Love.
The glamorous 38-year-old may look flawless in her Instagram snaps, but she is "definitely not dressing up in lockdown" and admits Ugg boots, a matching tracksuit or a comfy pair of leggings have been her wardrobe staples for the past few weeks.
"I'm pretty much in activewear every single day, so it helps that I own an activewear company!" she laughs.
Bec Judd manages to make lockdown style look chic! (Instagram)
As well as running activewear label Jaggad, the mum-of-four works with brands like Myer and The Skincare Company, but her favourite role is "mum".
Of course, that particular job is looking a little different these days with the kids stuck inside too.
"I'm trying to mix up screen time with baking, getting outside for bike rides, nature walks, music and movie time," she reveals.
Like so many Aussie mums right now, Bec is working hard to adapt to life in lockdown with her energetic brood.
And like the rest of us, she's had to shake a few things up to make it all work for the family.
"It's pretty hard to get any work done with four kids home schooling, and keeping on top of the house," Bec reveals.
"I'm finding myself working after my husband finishes around 4pm. I'll get work done just before dinner and then after the kids go to bed.
"It's not ideal but we have to pivot in these strange times, and I won't be working like this forever."
Bec is already making plans for when Australia will be able to return to some sort of "normal". Not content to sit back and wait while lockdown trudges on, she's been busy behind the scenes on a new project that will have fans in a spin.
Today she launched her second collaboration with Prene, two years after 'The Bec Bag' dropped and started a frenzy.
Just about every mum in Australia had one – or wanted one – and the bag seemed to be constantly sold out online.
"I loved designing my sell out Bec Bag for Prene back in 2019," the 38-year-old recalls of the first massive launch.
Bec still uses hers (it makes regular cameos on her Instagram) and keeps all the usuals in there.
Her phone, hand sanitiser, snacks, and a drink bottle – oh, and toy cars as well. You never know when the kids will need a distraction, right?

Now Bec's excited to launch five new styles in her latest Prene collab, calling the new range a "natural progression".
She says it's all about adding new "shapes and sizes for every occasion", which is perfect for a woman like her who wears so many hats.
From 'business woman', to 'brand ambassador', Bec has so many titles and projects she's jumping between and hopes to try her hand at some new things too once lockdown lifts.
"I'd love to do some more in the home space, I love interior styling," she tells Now To Love.
Bec says she's lucky to have husband Chris Judd by her side in lockdown with their family. (Instagram)
In the meantime, she'll be juggling home schooling, Jaggad activewear, the latest Prene launch… and probably a hundred other things too.
Thankfully she'll have husband Chris Judd by her side through it all, as well as her kids.
When Bec does finally find time to take a break and chill out, her routine is more relatable than you'd expect.
"I love putting on one of my playlists! I also burn my favourite candle and make a margarita," she says.
Sounds good to us!