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These babies at the day spa are more relaxed than you’ll ever be

Okay but the last time we felt tranquility on this level was probably when we were in the womb…

By Katie Skelly
A day in the life of a baby can be tough, guys. We’d like to see you try and spend a whole 24 hours eating, napping, pooping and eating some more.
Thankfully, babies feeling a bit under the pump (get it?) can now be treated to a well-earned day at the spa, courtesy of Baby Spa Perth.

For the small price of $85.00, bubs aged two-days to six-months in need of a little bit of R&R will be treated to a one-hour session involving hydrotherapy and a massage.
Here, they’ll be fastened with safe and lightweight floatation device to assist them in bobbing freely through a purified, warm pool.
Not only does this part of the treatment look particularly adorable, but it’s also been linked to a range of health benefits.

Aquatic movement can improve muscular and skeletal strength, as well as lung capacity and coordination.
After 10-15 minutes of bobble time, babies will enjoy a neonatal massage using grapeseed oil all the way from South Africa.
With a combination of kneading and stretches, the treatment is said to strengthen and tone muscles, improve digestion, sleeping patterns and the dreaded constipation.

“Hydrotherapy and infant massage is well documented to assist in not only the behavioural state of an infant but also in the physiological parameters of blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels,” says child health nurse Daniel Larranaga.
“Aquatic interventions also have therapeutic Neuromusculoskeletal benefits such as infants with Spina Bifida.”
Health benefits aside, it looks freaking DELIGHTFUL! Just check out the clip below.