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“Off the charts”: Aussie baby breaks hospital’s weight record

The (big) bundle of joy weighs close to double the size of most newborns!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
An Aussie baby has surprised both his family and doctors this week, after entering the world at nearly double the size of most newborns.
Maoama Ala tipped the scales at 6.3kg when he was born on Tuesday at Melbourne's Sunshine Hospital -- becoming the heaviest bub ever born at the hospital.
He was delivered by caesarean one week early on the advice of doctors, who were concerned about his large size.
"We were all a little bit shocked and surprised by it," Obstetrician Lauren De Luca told reporters.
"It's off the charts. The last big baby we had here was 6.23 kilos back in 2013."
The (not so) little one weighs nearly as much as a six-month-old baby, but mum Teu is simply happy he arrived safe and sound.
"I was crying, I was happy...plus he's healthy," Ms Ala told 9NEWS.
"The main thing is not his size, but he was coming out healthy and happy."
Maoama is the fourth baby for the family, and in case you were wondering, he also takes the crown for heaviest.
"They [the children] were asking, did they look like him when they were babies. I was like, 'Yeah, but the difference is the size'," Mrs Ala said.
"Double zero, triple zero, doesn't fit on him. He's wearing three to six month old clothes."
The brave mum added that she's still hoping to have one more baby in the future.
Congratulations to the happy family!