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Ash Pollard shares an update about her newborn daughter's health after spending the night and morning at the hospital

''My poor little Claudie.''

By Faye Couros
Ash Pollard took her newborn daughter Claudette to the hospital last night after the bub fell ill with gastro.
She posted a selfie with her pram in the background to share with her fans their experience.
The former reality star explained why they were there, writing, "My poor little Claudie has gastro."
She then revealed how long they were in the emergency room and commented on the state of the hospital, the solidarity she felt for other parents, and thanked the staff.
"My poor little Claudie has gastro." (Image: Instagram)
"We have been in the emergency for 12hrs so far. She's intubated (which is a horrific process to witness) and receiving fluids over the course of the night. Hoping for a positive outcome. Send vibes guys!!
"The children's hospital is frantic. Has been all day. I feel for parents who spend most of their days in and out of hospitals with sick kids. I'm certainly grateful for the nursing staff, Drs and hospital employees that work these gruelling and emotional shifts," she wrote.
Hours later, Ash shared a video to her Instagram Stories to update her fans about Claudette's health, which improved significantly after getting treated.
While sitting on her couch in a sorbet green hoodie and drinking a homemade coffee, she told the camera.
"Top of the morning to you, we are home Claudette responded very well to the fluids she was given last night slash this morning she has had a little bit of milk , hasn't vomited it up, which is so fabulous," she said.
"But you know what has happened over the last 48 hours, I have introduced a dummy cause she was so unsettled."
However, Ash was clearly baffled by her decision to give her daughter a dummy, and she questioned herself for making that choice.
"What have I done? Clementine never had a dummy," she ruminated.
The former My Kitchen Rules contestant gave birth to her second child on Christmas, and she announced the news with a sweet post with a lovely message.
Ash gave birth to her daughter at Christmas. (Image: Instagram)
"Merry Christmas everyone!" she penned.
"We did it. Another little girl! Claudette Polly Ferne."
She already shared a daughter with her partner Peter Ferne called Clementine who they welcomed in September 2020.
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