Allison Langdon wasn’t sure if she would be able to start a family, but it has quickly become her most cherished gig

''Being a new parent is hard.''

By Faye Couros
Allison Langdon is renowned around for her journalistic skills on 60 Minutes and as co-host of the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic.
However due to her demanding career, she was worried it meant she would have to turn her back on the possibility of starting a family, confessing to Future Women in 2019 that she couldn't imagine how a child would fit into her schedule.
"I landed my dream gig: 60 Minutes is all I ever wanted, that was it. My husband and I got married when I was 29, and a year later, I was appointed to 60 Minutes," she recounted.
"And the reality of 60 is we spend six/seven months of the year on the road, often overseas, so that didn't really fit in with having a baby. For a long time, I sort of thought it was something that we wouldn't do.
"I didn't think I was missing out on anything. And then something just came over me when I was 36, and I thought, hang on, I need to start thinking about this – am I okay if we don't have children? And I kinda thought, I want to give this a crack," she finished.
However, as fate would have it in 2017, she announced the birth of her first child, a son named Mack, and two years later, she welcomed a daughter called Scout.
So, who is the lucky man Allison has built her life with?
It was an ordinary evening at a bar for Alli when an encounter with a man named Michael Willesee Jr opened up a new chapter in her life.
During an appearance on Show and Tell, the Today Show host recalled an instance where she recounted to her friends about the moment she and Michael first crossed paths.
"We were at a bar, and this guy walked in, and he had his red T-shirt and dark jeans, and you just have that moment where you just have like an overwhelming physical attraction to someone? I just got hit by this," she said.
"And I finished telling the story, blah, blah, blah and Mike interrupted me and says, 'I've never owned a red T-shirt…'"
The pair eventually wed in a stunning Noosa ceremony in 2008, and Alli revealed her most unforgettable moment occurred while she was walking down the aisle.
"It was seeing my husband's face when I arrived at the ceremony," she told 9Honey.
"I just remember getting out of the car, on dad's arm, and just looking down and locking eyes with Mike."
"I think it's just so overwhelming...thinking that all these people are here to celebrate the love that you have for this other person, and it was beautiful."
As a mum to young children, the Parental Guidance host knows how hard it is to navigate sleep deprivation, and in conversation with Bounty Parents, she discussed the very real struggle.
"Being a new parent is hard, and you think you are the only parents in the world who has a baby who doesn't sleep and the only mum in the world who can't settle a baby," she admitted.
Before Allison's Parental Guidance airs tonight, see inside her own love-filled family.
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