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For Adam Liaw, there was one unexpected up-side to the COVID-19 lockdown

It's been a life changing year.

By Tiffany Dunk
As someone who travels the globe, filming cooking shows for a living, 2020 has changed former Masterchef winner Adam Liaw's life hugely.
But, he's quick to add, that has proved a huge blessing in disguise.
He and wife Asami welcomed their third child Benji, now one, in August last year and – unlike with their eldest two Christopher, 6, and Anna, 4, Adam has been home to witness first hand all of his magical first moments.
"This is the longest period of time I've gone without being away for… since they have been alive," he says.
"I was basically away for the first three months of Benji's life, filming in Japan. It's pretty confronting when you have a new child and you come back and they don't' recognise you. So I've really enjoyed spending time with these guys."
Adam has been home to witness his third child Benji's most magical first moments this year.
Not that there haven't been a few local trips along the way, of course.
While he will be home for Christmas, his latest series Adam Liaw's Roadtrip For Good (Wednesdays, 8.30pm, SBS FOOD) sees him heading through the worst bushfire affected towns in Australia, seeing how they are rebuilding and sourcing incredible food along the way.

"The way we deal with hardship is always a community effort whether it's a fire or a pandemic," he says of his passion project.
"Regional Australia has had a tough time and now it's time for us to visit, spend our money and get their economies back to life."
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