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Witches will soon cast a mass spell on President Donald Trump

The spell calls for an unflattering photo of the president.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
For the most part, the news cycle is fairly repetitive… on any given day a Kardashian will post something controversial to social media, Australia’s Northern Territory will face yet another croc encounter and President Donald Trump will likely say something contradictory/ludicrous/erroneous.
But we have to say, this particular headline took us by surprise...
At the stroke of midnight local time, Friday, February 24, witches across the globe will cast a mass spell against the POTUS.
The ritual, which calls for an unflattering photo of Trump, a tower tarot card, salt, a candle, a feather and either the stub of an orange candle or a baby carrot (!!), isn’t intended to cause any harm. Instead, it’s hoped the addition of a little hocus pocus may stop the President from harming others.
"This I consider to be primarily a self-defense measure," writer and magical thinker Michael M. Hughes explained to the Daily News.
"So many of us are just overwhelmed with the assaults on civil liberties, immigrants, the environment ... this felt like a way to reclaim our power and say, 'We have power over you. You don’t have power over us," he added.
The spell has since gone viral, even recruiting a-list singer Lana Del Rey among those set to “bind” the President.
Sharing a rather spooky image of herself on Twitter, the 31-year-old "Young And Beautiful" hitmaker urged her followers to search online for the specific steps needed to take on Donald Trump.
According to the mass spell’s Facebook page, the spell will “be performed at midnight on every waning crescent moon until he is removed from office.”
That means, similar spell casting events will be held on March 26, April 24 and May 23 and so forth, until Trump leaves the oval office once and for all.
All we can say is... double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and caldron bubble!