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Why Australian stars like Jess Rowe and Olivia Frazer are speaking out against ‘internet misogynist’ Andrew Tate

''He's teaching young boys to be violent misogynists.''

By Maddison Leach
Australian celebrities are speaking out against viral internet misogynist Andrew Tate, but their angry posts have raised a major question: who is he?
In early August stars like Jessica Rowe and Married At First Sight bride Olivia Frazer began sharing posts to their Instagram stories slamming Tate, labelling him a "violent misogynist".
But most average Aussies have no clue who the man is or why he's become so infamous – and, in many cases, loathed – online in recent months.
Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about Andrew Tate and why local celebrities are speaking out against him.
Emory Andrew Tate is a TikTok creator and former kickboxer. (Image: Instagram)

Who is Andrew Tate?

Emory Andrew Tate is a TikTok creator and former kickboxer whose target demographic are young, impressionable males he claims he wants to teach to be real men.
In reality, his content promotes outdated, bigoted and often violent ideas about women, feminism and gender roles.
He's shared videos promoting rape culture, the idea that women are men's "property", slut shaming, homophobia and so much more.
In one clip he said that if a woman accused him of cheating, he would "bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck. Shut up b--ch."
In one 2017 tweet he suggested victim-survivors of rape should "bear some responsibility" for the sexual violence they suffered, while in TikTok videos he's said he only dates women aged 18 or 19 as they're easier to "imprint on" and control.
It's no wonder that many social media users find his views and videos controversial and, in many cases, dangerous.
As well as his TikTok videos, which go viral for all the wrong reasons, Tate has a podcast and business.
Now there are calls for Tate to be deplatformed, with TikTok users in particular campaigning for his content and account to be removed from the platform.

Was Andrew Tate on Big Brother?

Tate was originally cast in the 2016 season of Big Brother UK but was removed from the show by producers after video emerged of him beating a woman with a belt.
He and the woman involved said the video was consensual.

What is Andrew Tate's net worth?

Tate claims to be worth $250 million USD, which is approximately $351 million AUD, however this figure has never been verified.
According to Tate himself, he amassed his wealth through his 'Hustlers University' business and an online course he sells called The War Room.'
Tate claims to be worth $250 million USD. (Image: Instagram)

What is on Andrew Tate's podcast?

Tate has two podcasts; Jet Talk with Andrew Tate, which is described as a "self-improvement" podcast, and Tate Speech.
The latter is described as offering "a perspective on life from the man who is eternally correct".
Both have been slammed by social media users for promoting outdated and harmful ideas about women and gender roles.

Does Andrew Tate have a business?

Tate runs a business called 'Hustlers University', where he offers courses on everything from cryptocurrency trading to financial planning. It is not an accredited institution.
He also offers The War Room course, which appears to be a male self-development program priced at over $7,000 AUD.
There are calls for Tate to be deplatformed. (Image: Instagram)

Was Andrew Tate accused of human trafficking?

In 2022 Tate was investigated by Romanian police for alleged human trafficking after a woman was reportedly held at his Romanian home against her will. Tate denied the claims.
The Daily Beast reported that his home was raided by police after reports that an American woman had been abducted.
He and his brother were taken in for questioning and denied any wrongdoing.
The investigation, which has been expanded to cover human trafficking and rape allegations, is ongoing according to Romanian authorities via The Guardian.
Tate previously said in a since-deleted YouTube video that one of the reasons he relocated to Romania was because local authorities can be bribed.

Why are Australian celebrities speaking out against Andrew Tate?

Jess Rowe and Olivia Frazer both shared posts speaking out against Tate. (Image: Instagram)
Local celebs like Olivia Frazer, Jessica Rowe and more are sharing posts speaking out against Tate over fears he's encouraging a generation of young men to become "violent misogynists".
In early August Jess reshared an informational post on her Instagram Stories titled: "Andrew Tate is teaching young boys to be violent misogynists. It's time for social media platforms to do something."
The post documented some of Tate's most alarming comments and claimed that "underneath the absurdity of Andrew Tate are the darker, more insidious consequences of the influence he has on young boys".
It went on to say that Tate's videos, which rack up billions of views on TikTok, could have devastating impacts on the impressionable young men they're aimed at.
MAFS star Olivia also shared a post to her Instagram Stories which read: "For many men who listen to Andrew Tate, remember this: Women modify their WHOLE lives to account for male behaviour.
"From not walking at night, work choices, social interactions to online behaviour, women make adjustments because a man, at some point, has given them a reason to."