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“We still can’t believe our first interview was Ellen!” Meet SketchShe, the Aussie girls who had Ellen DeGeneres in stitches

When Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison formed the sketch comedy group SketchShe, they never thought it would take them to The Ellen DeGeneres Show or Good Morning America, let alone cause the closure of Times Square for one of their performances, but as the girls tell us – dreams really do come true.

By Blake Nadilo
Woman’s Day spoke exclusively to Aussie group SketchShe about how they turned their love of sketch comedy into a career that has taken the world by storm.
The have almost 600,000 subscribers and almost 60,000,000 views on YouTube, not to mention appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America. So, what's the secret to their success?
Just four months ago the girls uploaded a video called Bohemian Carsody to YouTube and to their surprise it went viral. The hilarious video shows the girls mime the words to Queen's famous Bohemian Rhapsody.
“The three of us got together one afternoon, made up choreography in Lana’s bedroom then drove down to shoot it in Centennial Park [in Sydney] on our phone,” they explained.
They followed it up with another video called Mime Through Time which caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and it didn't take long for the 57-year-old host to invite them on her show.
“As soon as it sunk in, we could not stop jumping around and giggling like schoolgirls, we still can’t believe that SketchShe’s first ever interview was Ellen,” Lana explained of their massive career coup.
The hilarious trio loved their Ellen experience and insisted she was the most down-to-earth star you could imagine.
“She was so warm towards us and is a true professional, she was very friendly and actually came and met with us back stage with Portia after the show for a big Australmerican group hug,” the girls explained to Woman's Day of their once-in-a-lifetime encounter.
Their appearance on Ellen was the realisation of a dream come true with Shae-Lee writing a list back in 2011 of things to do before she dies. Funnily enough, number five was to “be on Ellen.” Guess she can tick that one off the list!
“The fact that it seemed like something that would take a lifetime to try and achieve and then for it to happen to suddenly was really unfathomable. Made me feel like anything is possible,” they revealed to us.
Their epic rise to fame hasn’t stopped since their fateful appearance on the hugely popular talk show. Just weeks later, they shut down New York’s time square to perform on Good Morning America.
“That was epic. We are still pinching ourselves on that one. The most iconic square in the world was closed solely for SketchShe to perform to millions on national television,” the ladies shared, before adding: “We had our own convertible car, a crowd of fans, our first stylist and to see the broadcast on the gigantic screens in Times Square while we were performing - it was incredibly special and a moment none of us will forget.”
Despite their new-found fame SketchShe are staying true to their humble Aussie roots: “There are certain things that have changed dramatically. Our inbox is now flooded with offers of jobs, whirlwind adventures, great opportunities.”
They continued: “A lot of things haven’t changed though, we are still just three Aussie girls that make videos, goof around, go out, struggle to budget, drink wine but most importantly have fun while doing it!”
Along with talent, humour and their giant social media following SketchShe seem set to take on the world, and we can’t wait to watch!

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