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Tziporah Malkah faces charges for assaulting police and ex-boyfriend

She says she was acting in self-defence

By Holly Royce
On January 22nd, Tziporah Malkah and on again off again boyfriend, Australian Navy sailor Guy Vasey, were very much together - but just four days later the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star was accused of attacking him and assaulting police.
Formerly known as Kate Fischer, the ex-model faced courts yesterday for allegedly assaulting her now ex-boyfriend on Australia Day last month, alongside facing three counts of assaulting police.
The 44-year-old has claimed she was manhandled by police who left bruises on her arms.
Tziporah posted pictures of her injuries on social media with the caption, "Bruises courtesy sa cops."

Speaking to reporters out side South Australian courts, Malkah said she was shocked over the charges by police and that she was only acting in self-defence.
"I thought this was a me versus Guy thing this morning but it was a me versus Guy and the cops so I'm going to have to talk the cops stuff through, I wasn't expecting it," she said.
"If I've been assaulted, there's a good chance I'm going to fight someone back."
"The whole thing was botched and mishandled from the very beginning," she continued.
Earlier in January, Tziporah Malkah and her boyfriend of six months appeared to have ended their relationship after they posted a flurry 
of insults on social media.
Tziporah and Guy on 22nd of January.
The Facebook feud left 
their friends and fans agog 
as Tziporah accused her boyfriend of airing their "dirty laundry" online, before making the accusation he'd 
had threesomes with an unidentified woman.
Guy, meanwhile described Tziporah, 44, as a "leech" and insulted her male followers.
Things got ugly when the angry lovers traded jabs online, escalating when one of Tziporah's followers, named Sam, made 
a seemingly lighthearted comment on one of Guy's posts. Guy blasted, "F--- you Sam you sleazy piece of s--t. Have her – you are welcome. She is a leech and you are a massive f--kwit."

Declaring she'd been friends with Sam for two decades and denying they had ever been intimate, Tziporah fired back, accusing her ex, and telling 
him to return to a woman in Melbourne "who you've had multiple 3somes with."
The split came as a shock 
to fans who, 
just days earlier, 
had celebrated Tziporah's news 
that she and Guy were considering relocating to Yass 
in NSW to be closer to her mum Pru Goward and stepdad David Barnett.
The pair were planning to move from the beautiful beachfront home 
in South Australia they'd shared for several months.
There is no news on if Tziporah will file misconduct charges against the police.