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Toddler interrupts a BBC Interview, swiftly goes viral

This interview made our day!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Professor Robert E. Kelley, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, is an internet sensation. It may sound unlikely (to say the least) but after appearing live on the BBC via Skype to discuss the recent impeachment of the country’s president, Mr Kelley is going ~viral~.
Why? Well, during this very-important, very-serious and very-boring segment his toddler busted into the room... and completely stole the show.
As the little one -- dressed rather obviously in BRIGHT yellow -- makes her way toward the camera, Mr Kelley’s eyes widen, for he knows what anyone who’s spent more than three seconds with a toddler can tell you: disaster is about to ensue.
As the broadcaster continues to ask his next question, he points out: “… I think one of your children has just walked in.”
WATCH: The hilarious moment has gone viral. Post continues after video...
The child is quickly followed by a younger sibling - a baby in a (regrettably) agile walker. Seconds later a woman -- believed to be the children’s mother -- swoops in to salvage what’s left of Mr Kelley’s dignity.
She grabs the children, knocks over a selection of no-doubt-very-intellectual-books and slams the door behind her.
The older child can be heard whimpering: “Oww, mummy!”
Many have suggested that Mr Kelley should have simply picked the first child up and put her on his lap - instead of delicately pushing her away. Others have commended the video as a perfect portrayal of the very familiar parent-working-from-home struggle as well as the delicate ecosystem that is co-parenting.
While others still have taken on the important job of documenting the moment with a raft of glorious reactions: