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Tiger snake's high-wire act is the stuff nightmares are made of

Great, next they'll have wings.

By Holly Royce
There's a new viral video in town, and this one will give you nightmares into 2019.
A tiger snake has been filmed gliding along a fence at Bangor Vineyard Shed in Tasmania's south, and has been watched over 3 million times.
The Bangor Vineyard Shed is an award winning cellar door, farm gate shop, restaurant and popular wedding venue - but not sure we'd be all that keen to book our wedding in after seeing this video.
The owner, Matt Dunbabin, obviously believes that all publicity is good publicity because he is the one who captured and shared the unique and terrifying footage.
"Who knew a snake could cause such a stir," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.
"I just thought, I have never seen something like this before.
"The reaction has been very surprising."

How can we prevent snakes from entering the home?

If you notice snake activity in or around your home, call in the experts and have the snake removed as quickly as possible.
"It's hot, it's dry and many areas around Australia are noting the increase in snake activity," Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says.
Pet Insurance Australia have a few other ideas to help keep your home snake free:• Empty water features
• Remove log piles
• Keep grass short
• Remove rubbish and debris from around the home
• Speak to a professional dog trainer about training your dog to leave snakes alone
• Check for snakes and skins around the home
• Keep dog areas free from 'hiding' areas
• Do not let your dog off leash in high-risk areas
• Consider keeping cats indoors during high-risk months