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The hilarious moment roommate reaps revenge on snoring pal

One man had enough when his sleeping roommate became a bit too loud. Recording his late-night revenge, the wide awake gent decided to let his pillow do the talking.

By Chloe Lal
The footage show the man setting up his camera before announcing his friend has been "snoring for hours" and that he had had enough.
Deciding the only way to end the reigning terror of his friend’s snores, he declared he is going to "hit him with this pillow."
<br> Commence the hilarity. </br>
Not even in our wildest dreams could we have foreseen a reaction like this.
Once the dude in question is woken up, he leaps into the air and shouts: "Get down, we're being shot."
We think it’s safe to assume no more sleepless nights for the friend, as for the snorer, well that’s a different story!
Watch the very funny footage of stealth man versus snoring roommate in the video player above.

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