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Meet the boy who was given an avocado for his birthday… and loved it!

These days kids want mobile phones, iPads, cameras and every gadget and gizmo on offer… but not this little guy! Meet Henry, the boy who was presented with an avocado for his birthday. And he LOVED it!

By Chloe Lal
The adorable three-year-old was captured on a Vine video squealing with absolute delight as he unwrapped his gift.
The cute clip has since gone viral and just like the sweet toddler, we are very thankful!
Henry’s uncle, Jeff Simmons chatted to People about his well-mannered nephew.
He explained: “[Henry is] finally at the age where he would recognise the presents he received from friends and family, so me and his mother had talked with him about being polite and kind when you open presents, even if you don't actually like them."
"Later on in the day, we decided to do a little test run and give him questionable presents that most kids wouldn't react well to receiving."
Taking good manners in his stride, the sweet boy displayed an epic proportion of gratitude (without any attitude) thanking his family for the gift.
The three-year-old didn’t budge and the smiles continued with his Uncle Jeff revealing he received an oven mitt, a coffee cup, and a jar of his least favourite thing – peanut butter.
"His reaction was pretty much the same for each of them! He just smiled and said thank you."
Maybe young Henry can teach baby Autumn, who found fame after a video of her attempting to eat avocados went viral, a thing or two about loving avos!
Watch the sweet video in the player above

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