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Woman finds MASSIVE spider in her Woolworths salad and yep, we're horrified

See the moment she discovered the creepy-crawly lurking in her salad and try NOT to cringe.

By Ellie McDonald
Ever eat lunch al-desko? Us, too. Well, picture this: as you’re doing your lunchtime Facebook trawl, staring mindlessly at your computer screen as you shovel food into your mouth, a GIANT, HAIRY SPIDER pops out from beneath your cos lettuce.
Y'know, just to say g’day…
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Well, this is what happened to a Melbourne woman who was left “sick to the stomach” after discovering the creep-crawly hidden in her salad.
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As reported by Yahoo 7 News, Brooke Wiramandaden of Narre Warren, Victoria had bought a prepacked Woolworths salad for lunch and was moments away from taking a bite before finding the spider.
Posting the traumatic experience to Woolworths’ Facebook page, Ms wrote: ““I was eating my lunch at work and I had pretty much eaten the whole thing when I noticed it.”
“I wasn’t happy and I felt physically sick.”
The spider Ms Wiramandaden found in her salad.
This isn’t the first time Woolworths have let an eight-legged critter slip into their salad stash.
Just last year, Queensland woman Zoe Perry posted a shocking video of a spider n her Italian salad bag to Facebook – and the video soon went viral.
Not only that, but three Woolworths customers found redback spiders lurking in the store's broccoli offering in three different stories across New South Wales and Queensland, causing the supermarket giant to remove broccoli from being sold last February.
Take-home message? It pays to inspect the food you’re eating – we do live in Australia, after all.
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