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It's happened again! New video of ‘ghost’ haunting high school will scare the bejesus out of you

...just in time for Halloween.

By Lorna Gray
A few weeks ago, CTTV footage emerged of an angry ‘ghost’ rattling lockers and slamming doors in an ancient high school in Cork, Ireland.
We were spooked, to say the least, but couldn’t tell whether it was hectic paranormal activity or an elaborate prank.
The headmaster at Deerpark CBS swore nobody was there at the time. And the school was founded way back in 1828 so we doubt anyone would want to roam the halls at 3am…
Anyways, it’s only gone and happened again.
A new CCTV video has been posted and this time, the ghost is even angrier (you can watch above).
Chairs move across the floor by an unseen force, a bag is flung from some lockers and even a poster is ripped off the wall.
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The earlier video begins with a door swinging open in the corridor before a set of lockers starts rocking violently then spews out its contents. A wet floor sign is also knocked over like it has been kicked.
The footage was taken at 3am on a Sunday - watch below.
While some are calling the legitimacy of the sightings into question, Deerpark's Principal Aaron Wolfe says this isn't an isolated incident and there have been several spooky happenings in the school.
He told Unilad News that the school's caretaker once stayed in the school overnight to protect some birds the school were hosting for an exotic bird show. However, he left the school in the middle of the night claiming he heard 'the last call' being played on the trumpet.
He also revealed: "The female members of staff do complain that this particular part is extremely cold. It’s also outside the Religion Room – which is weird."
Mr Wolfe added that a pupil complained of hearing crying in the bathroom.
Is it a prank? Or a poltergeist? Either way, we’d probably stay clear of the school at night...

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