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Rose McGowan's ex-manager commits suicide and #MeToo movement is being blamed

“'The Movement' just lost one of its own”.

By Holly Royce
#Metoo activist and actress, Rose McGowan is facing a mass of criticism after her ex-manager, Jill Messick, took her own life on Sunday.
Jill Messick's family say McGowan's exposure of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, especially that of now disgraced executive and producer Harvey Weinstein, involved dragging Messick's name into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.
Messick, who was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder before her death, was for a short time the manager of a talent agency as well as being a studio executive and producer in Hollywood.
Jill's family claim Mcgown made "inaccurate accusations and insinuations" about her and that she "was victimised by our new culture of unlimited information sharing and a willingness to accept a statement as fact," in context with an email being released in which Messick appeared to defend Weinstein.
"The speed of disseminating information has carried mistruths about Jill as a person, which she was unable and unwilling to challenge. She became collateral damage in an already horrific story."
When Rose exposed Weinstein's abhorrent behaviour for the first time, she explained that she had confided in Messick the day after the attack back in 1997.
Messick and family maintained that McGowan never used the word "rape", and in her email defending Weinstein she implied that the incident which took place in a hot tub 20-years-ago, even if it was regretted by McGowan, consensual, which the actress flat out denies.
Read the Messick family's statement in full below.
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