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“Where’s my headline!” Bold new sketch imagines what a royal meltdown looks like

Being a Princess is no walk in the park and in a bold new sketch by Comedy Channel’s Open Slather, actress Hannah Bath pokes fun of Princess Mary’s fictional trials and tribulations.

In the very daring scene, which is not for the faint-hearted, Mary is having a right royal meltdown over not attracting enough press.
Hanna looks the part thanks to her sensible brunette tresses, pearls and a navy cardigan – she could seriously be mistaken for the Danish Princess.
“Where’s my headline?” Mary cries as she sifts through hundreds of magazine with Duchess Catherine on the cover
“Your son’s ninth birthday made the papers,” a timid royal advisor explains.
However this is simply not good enough and she scream: “Oh, lucky little Christian. Does my son pay your wages? No! What happened to those photos I had taken of me by the pool?”
“Your private parts were showing your majesty,” the staff member politely reminds her.
“That’s the point. It’s meant to cause an international scandal. I even worked out a headline: Inside Mary’s Danish,” Mary quips.
The furore reaches fever pitch after Mary finds out she hasn’t made it to Timemagazine’s most influential people of 2015 list.
Much to her dismay, her arch nemesis Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has made it to number seven.
Cue uncontrollable screaming and flailing limbs.
But as a charity group of children arrive, Princess Mary turns it on. “Hello, petty enfants!”
Much to the royal’s dismay, the unimpressed children complain: “We want Princess Kate!”
“Yeah well, I wanted parents who weren’t cousins but I’m Tasmanian so suck it up sweethearts,” the mother-of-four snaps.
Who knew Mary could throw such a royally raucous tanty?
Watch Mary’s meltdown in the player above

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