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Is your significant other secretly on Tinder? Now you can find out!

A scandalous new website is turning up the heat by making it easy to expose cheating partners on Tinder.

A new website called Swipe Buster has swooped in to expose cheating partners who are using the notorious dating app, Tinder.
For the sum of $4.99, Swipe Buster allows you to search for users on Tinder, simply by entering the suspected cheaters gender, name, age and last used location.
The entered search then scans the Tinder database for a match using the app’s API, which is freely available to be used by developers.
Whilst it is a sufficient way to discover if your partner is seeking out other companions, the creators of Swipe Buster believe their app is less about exposing cheaters, and more about showing people how easily their information is accessed.
"People have way too much information about themselves available publicly," said the app's developers.
"People should be aware of the privacy settings on all the services they use."
A sneak peek of the site.
However, a Tinder spokesperson has issued a statement, claiming that all Tinder information is public, and that should you wish to discover a friendly face on the app, you need only download it for yourself.
“If you want to see who’s on Tinder we recommend saving your money and downloading the app for free.”
Dating apps have been the topic of many a privacy breaching conversation as of late, with over 32 million cheaters’ details exposed in the mass hack of the ‘extra-marrital’ dating website, Ashley Madison in 2015.
See for yourself! Click the video player below for a look at an old Ashley Madison advert.

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