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Meet the most adorable real-life Little Mermaid

Claire Ryann Crosby is the three-year-old little girl making hearts melt across the seven seas.

By Chloe Lal
The darling Utah native is YouTube’s latest sensation after her dad, Dave Crosby shared a video of his daughter belting out Part of Your World from the 1989 Disney hit The Little Mermaid.
The pint-sized tot not only remembers all the lines to the song but she delivers it in the sweetest way – fitting for a Disney princess.
And of course she’s dressed like one too. Young Claire sparkles in her blue and white princess gown, and we particular adore the addition of the Ariel-esque bow in her hair.
Thumbs up from the talented three-year-old.
Completing the candy sweet video is Claire asking her dad right at the end, “Did I do it dad?” before squealing, “I did it!”
It seems like the three-year-old is a natural with the 28-year-old dad telling his local newspaper the Deseret News that he came up with the idea for the video after Claire began serenading the other customers, while he was paying for an oil change.
Claire brought to life the 1989 Disney classic, The Little Mermaid.
In fact, she was such a hit that some even recorded her impromptu performance.
“I knew I needed to catch it more formally on video to share it,” he told the newspaper.
Young Claire, who is seen in the video helping out Dave, just might follow in her dad’s music producer footstep. But for now this three-year-old is a rising star.
Check out her adorable rendition of the Disney classic in the video player above!

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