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The savage moment Jerry Seinfeld rejects Kesha

We can't stop watching this painfully awkward video!

By Bella Brennan
He's carved an entire career documenting life's uncomfortable moments and this week, Jerry Seinfeld was the star of his very own weird run-in.
On Monday evening as the comedian was mid-interview at David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song bash, singer and apparent Seinfeld super-fan Kesha couldn't help but introduce herself and ask for a hug.
What happened next was more cringe-worthy than Elaine Benes' dancing.
"I’m Kesha, I love you so much. Can I give you a hug," the 30-year-old began.
"Oh thanks, no thanks," a nonplussed Jerry responded.
But the Tik Tok hitmaker wasn't taking no for an answer.
"Please," she begged. "A little one?"
"Yeah, no thanks," the 63-year-old defiantly responded before stepping away from the popstar.
A humiliated Kesha finally backed down and ran away by making a sound which no human ever wants to make - the sound of utter rejection.
“I don’t know who that was,” Jerry confessed, before the reporter explained it was Kesha.
Jerry really wasn't keen on a hug from the singer.
“I wish her the best," the father-of-three said.
Clearly Jerry Seinfeld is an avid believer of not hugging strangers and for that, we salute you!
Since his hugely popular sitcom wrapped in 1998, the funnyman has dabbled in all sorts of projects, including his first love, stand-up comedy, lending his voice to Bee Movie and launching the cult web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
In between all of that, he clearly hasn't had much time to familiarise himself with Kesha.