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UPDATE: ‘Debbie’ the rescue cockatoo has tragically passed away

Debbie had been praised as the (tiny, feathery) face of the cyclone that has ravaged Queensland.

By Lorna Gray
Update: 30.03.17
Brace your hearts because they’re about to be shattered into a million pieces. Debbie, the cockatoo who shot to fame yesterday after braving her namesake, Cyclone Debbie, has tragically passed away.
The bird, who was stripped of its feathers and found almost lifeless following Queensland’s intense storms, is already being labelled ‘iconic’ and an “Aussie Battler” by media outlets.
She has been laid to rest with three other feathered victims in the forest where she was found by Townsville Bulletin photographer Alix Sweeney.
Farewell, small friend. We hardly knew ye.
Original story: 29.03.17
You might’ve seen this poor little bird go viral yesterday - a sodding wet cockatoo, ravaged by Cyclone Debbie in Airlie Beach, North Queensland.
Townsville Bulletin photographer Alix Sweeney wrapped her up after snapping the viral pic, and took her to her hotel.
Many people were worried the little bird was dead as more pictures emerged of the cockatoo, dubbed ‘Debbie’ wrapped up in a towel.
Heartbreaking pic of Debbie the cockatoo.
But... we’re happy to announce Debbie is now on the mend and is due to be picked up by a wildlife centre!
Debbie certainly seems to be much happier now.
Well done to Alix Sweeney for rescuing the little mite.
Alix Sweeney rescues 'Debbie'