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Mistaken identity: Emu thinks he's a horse

Growing up, many of us were told we could be anything we wanted and for one young Emu, he decided he was going to be a horse.

For Emu (yes that’s his name!), living life in the sunny Northern Territory wasn’t enough, the flightless bird wanted to live his life as a horse.
For the past three years, Emu has been hanging out with the horses who make up the Alice Springs mounted police.
According to Senior Sergeant Melinda Edwards, the fluffy little guy runs around with his with his horsey friends and is treated just like one of the squad.
Emu hangs out with his pal, the horse.
"Emu is just called Emu and certainly by his behaviour we get the impression that he thinks he is a horse," she said.
"He has taken on the equine lifestyle. He follows the horses in and out of the paddock. As the horses gallop away, he gallops off with them," the police officer added.
Galloping to the beat of his own heart, Emu is free to roam around with his pals.
Emu hanging back as Constable Sharrah Blenkinsop poses with a horse.
People have asked Constable Melinda if Emu would ever live with other emus.
“There are issues associated with that because Emu came to us when he was quite young and has become domesticated," she explained.
While Emu may have decided he is a horse, his co-horse aren’t so sure.
"We've got five horses out here and there are two he is friendly with and the other three are not so keen on him," she said.
"But Emu has made his choice and decided to make the mounted police unit his home for now at least."
Watch Emu gallop alongside his fellow horses in the video player above

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