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Wipeout! Demi Lovato's epic stack

Pop star Demi Lovato learnt a valuable lesson recently - don’t perform a pool-side concert in sky-high heels.

By Blake Nadilo
The 22-year-old was performing her new song Cool for Summer during a special concert at a summer pool party at the WaterMarke Tower in LA.
Towards the end of her song, the former Barney and Friends star took a slippery and very painful-looking stack.
Wearing fierce stilettos, a full face a make-up and teetering dangerously close to the edge of the pool, the odds were always stacked against the bubbly beauty.
However the epic fall didn’t seem to bother Demi, who got straight back up and then preceded to jump into the water. What a pro!
The former child star, who isn’t afraid of making fun of herself, took to social media to address the tumble – even going as far to post the actual footage of the incident on Instagram.
“#NOTcoolforsummer #F**k it,” the MTV Video Music Award winner captioned the clip.
She then took to Twitter writing, “Well... It's not a tour without busting ass!!!!!! #NOTcoolforsummer.”
Watch Demi take the tumble in the video player above, a warning though, it may make you say “Ouch!”

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