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Chris Hemsworth slays his SNL appearance!

From dressing in drag, to teasing brother Liam and playing a stripper, the Aussie was in fine form for his big hosting gig.

By Chloe Lal
This is the second time the Hollywood hunk has hosted the comedy sketch show, and it seems much like his funny bone was in full force.
Gender-bending, playing a character called “Claire”, Chris spoke about his famous role as Thor.
"I'd rather see him out of the armour!,” Claire giggles to the cast members about the Marvel superhero, during a conversation about hot actors.
Adding, "Am I right, bitches?"
"Oh my gosh, you know who else is hot?" Kate McKinnon replies. "Paul Rudd in Clueless."
Claire agrees, saying Paul is "pretty good" but not as good as Chris in Thor.
From Chris to Claire: The Thor actor was fabulous in the sketch.
"That scene where he comes home from battle and has his shirt off—yum yum yum yum!" Claire gushes.
But it seems Claire doesn’t think the deliciousness runs in the family.
"Liam is gross," Claire says about his younger brother. "I heard he breastfed till he was 4."
Chris showed off his acting prowess channelling a terrible Magic Mike-esque stripper before transforming himself into a cop who acts totally chill in various situations despite nursing an open, bloody bullet wound.
One thing is for sure, Chris may have dressed in drag but his hosting was anything but! We think this Aussie action star has some major comedy acting chops!
Check it out for yourself in the video player above.

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