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Anne Hathaway's hilarious reaction to Mariah Carey attending The Intern premiere

Who doesn’t love it when celebrities act just like us!? Prepare yourself for Anne Hathaway COMPLETELY fan girling over Mariah Carey.

By Chloe Lal
She may be an Oscar winner but that didn’t stop Anne from completely losing it when she realised Mariah Carey was at The Intern film premiere.
The celebrated actress was at the New York City premiere for her new film doing an interview with The Associated Press when she realised who was standing behind her.
"She's at my movie premiere, I mean, it's Bob's movie premiere more than mine," the actress said while pointing out Mariah, who was being interviewed nearby.
Anne keeps her cool with Hollywood legend Robert De Niro.
Anne channelled every star struck teen, ever and continued to provide one her greatest interviews to date.
Mid-interview the 32-year-old was visibly shaken up with excitement, when she noticed she was just “two arm lengths” away from the diva.
“I’m freaking out. Like, she’s two arms’ lengths away right now,” she told the reporter as she smiling goofily at the camera, trying her best not to make it obvious that she was freaking out.
Anne Hathway COMPLETELY freaking out over Mariah Carey!
“It’s just the best glamorous ever,” she gushes at another point, unable to articulate her emotions. “That’s not even a sentence, ’it’s just the best glamorous ever.’ I went to college. I didn’t graduate!”The flustered actress gets even more nervous when the reporter suggests that she introduce herself.
“No, no, no, it’s fine, it’s fine,” she quips, shaking her head. “I’m gonna meet her when the time is right.”
Anne continued to win us over when she was a little closer to James Packer’s girlfriend.
It is Mariah and James' first red carpet together.
"She's now an arm's length away," she whispered, "I love that you're getting this on camera."
The singer attended her first red carpet event as a couple with James Packer. And if Anne Hathaway has anything to say about it – then it was hit!
Nancy Myer’s The Intern, stars Robert De Niro, who plays a bored widower who gets accepted into an internship program for senior citizens at an e-commerce company, run by Anne Hathaway's character.
While there’s no word on whether Anne ever worked up the courage to talk to Mariah - we really hope she did!
Watch the funny interview in the video player above!

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