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Tennis ace Andy Murray woofs up support for sniffer dogs at Wimbledon

Andy Murray is Wimbledon’s top dog and the tennis ace is rallying behind WWF for a seriously good cause.

By Chloe Lal
Andy is the global ambassador for World Wide Fund for Nature but the stars of the video were definitely the adorable pooches who served Andy a huge backhand of cuteness.
The world-number-three's usually icy exterior melted the moment he came eye-to-eye with five fluffy friends, who are training to become future sniffer dogs.
The 28-year-old is showing off his softer side to help raise awareness about illegal wildlife trade and the importance of sniffer dogs.
Despite his A-list status, the Scottish star wasn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and try his hand at training the naughty dogs - which had varying degrees of success!
"That is a big poo, wow! Look at the size of that," the Glasgow local remarked, before adding: "Hey! That's my finger, you've got sharp little teeth there."
Andy Murray is loving the cute pups!
While he may not have been able to show the canines too much, Andy did have an important message to share.
“Sniffer dogs do an incredible job whether it’s keeping us safe and secure here at Wimbledon, or fighting wildlife crime in Nepal. WWF’s conservation work supports these dedicated and talented animals and trainers to help protect some of the most iconic, yet threatened, species on our planet."
"I’m really hoping that whilst I battle it out on the court – people will join the battle to help fight the global problem of wildlife crime,” the tennis champion added.
It’s hard to imagine Andy having a softer side, but as parent to two border terriers Maggie and Rusty May, with his wife Kim Sears- it’s easy to see who rules the home courts.
In the past, Andy said his dogs are "a lot less maintenance" than children – but he certainly loves them the way a parent loves a child.
“Such a bonus that my dogs have worked out how to use facetime so we can chat when I’m on the road… #OneWayConverstaion,” Andy once revealed to his fans on Twitter.
In fact, the US Open Champion is so dedicated to his beloved pets that he even created Maggie her very own Twitter account; detailing all the mayhem she gets up to with her brother, Rusty.
The account is filled with funny snaps and hilarious one-liners, we can see Andy’s wife, Kim’s on-court language rubbing off on the pups.
The ever-cheeky Maggie May takes after her parents, Andy and Kim.
The account also allows Andy continue his efforts in supporting the WWF foundation. WWF Chief Advisor Heather Sohl shared her delight about the tennis star’s on-going support.
“Andy Murray’s support for our fight against poaching has been fantastic in raising both the crucial funds and awareness necessary to help tackle the illegal wildlife trade."
Andy, who married Kim in April, admitted that having his dogs have been incredibly beneficial in his relationship with his now wife.
“I think for a relationship, it's nice to have something to do together when you come home. We both had dogs growing up. For me, I love when I do go home, to spend time with them."
He added: “It's not the same as having a kid, as there's obviously a lot less maintenance. But I still love going back to be with them. I think they make me and my girlfriend[now-wife] very happy.”
Rusty and Maggie May rocking some of Andy's Olympic bling.
While Andy has been championing his way on the greens, he hasn’t stopped off court either.
Since becoming a WWF global ambassador, he has been incredibly passionate about raising awareness for WWF’s initiative in Nepal that supports the training and use of sniffer dogs to help track down, apprehend and deter poachers in and around Chitwan National Park.
In honour of his amazing work, WWF named one of the new puppies in Nepal was named Murray in his honour. The tennis player was touched by the gesture and asked if little Murray could have a companion named Sears, after his wife!
Find out more and donate at wwf.org.uk/andy
Watch the cute video in the player above

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