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New report confirms AirAsia Perth to Bali flight fell at rate of 11 metres a second

“We just held onto each other and we cried".

By Holly Royce
On October 15, Flight QZ535, an AirAsia flight from Perth to Bali plunged 20,000 feet towards the ground, with two flight crew, four cabin crew and 146 passengers on board.
The plane had followed through with the emergency procedure as a safety measure after pilots were alerted that cabin pressure was suddenly lost.
The plane was then forced to head back to Perth Airport just one hour into the flight and then proceed to land safely.
The onboard crew came under much criticism with reports that their panicked behaviour escalated passenger concern.
A new report from the Australian Transport Saftey Bureau has confirmed that the crew began their accelerated descent after becoming aware of the pressurisation issue.
They did not find any reported issues with staff's behaviour during the emergency descent and found that all safety producers and demonstrations were carried out correctly.
The report did confirm that the plane was dived at rate of 11 meters a second, a no doubt terrifying experience for all.
Leah sharing her experience on the Project.
Speaking to The Project, Leah, a passenger on Flight QZ535, recalled the horrific incident and shared what it was like being on board the plummeting plane with her two sons that day.
"Half an hour into the flight and air stewardess went running past us, panicking, screaming, tearful," she said.
"We thought that something really bad was happening and it all just happened really quickly after that."
"Nobody knew how to react really."
“We just held onto each other and we cried," Leah said.