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ABC newsreader is "axed" after on-air blooper, outrage ensues

“What a ridiculous, humourless over reaction.”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
ABC News 24 presenter Natasha Exelby has reportedly been banned from on-air newsreading duties after an awkward - and very human - blooper went viral at the weekend.
The former Wake Up! co-host was presenting late-night rolling coverage on Sunday when she was caught live on-air daydreaming as a pre-recorded story came to a close.
Upon releasing her faux pas, the veteran journalist let out a theatrical gasp, jumped to attention and gracefully segwayed into the following story.
WATCH: Natasha Exelby’s very human moment has since gone viral. Post continues…
Taking to Twitter she responded to the incident promptly (and in good humour), tweeting: "Not my finest hour. Myself and my mesmerising pen honourably salute you!"
But the humourless team over at ABC have reportedly banned the journalist from future on-air roles, according to News Corp.
It’s a decision which has already sparked a Change.org petition and an enormous amount of backlash on social media…
In solidarity, SBS newsreader Janice Petersen tweeted an image of herself applying lipstick live on-air with the caption, “it happens”.

While Sky News political reporter Laura Jayes labelled the axing a “ridiculous, humourless over reaction.”
She added: “Not even Virginia Trioli was admonished for the Barnaby Joyce incident (caught mocking a Minister and, at the very least, leaving the audience with a perception of bias). This was funny, it went viral, the audience obviously loved the endearing, human moment."
Similarly, Labor leader Bill Shorten tweeted: "It's live TV. This is just ridiculous."
Senator Sam Dastyari, another a Labor politician, has also stepped out in support of the newsreader calling the entire incident "more funny and embarrassing than serious".
"The idea that someone would be punished for what is a very innocent mishap is extraordinary," he told to Fairfax Media.
"If she is going to be punished for such a minor, humorous and innocent error - I think bigger questions need to be asked about the culture of the ABC.”
Human? Endearing? Hilarious? If you ask us, that sounds like a job well done!

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