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Ssstrewth! 7ft snake scales family's screen door, could Australia be any more Australian right now?

In the words of Ganggajang, “This is Australia”.

By Ellie McDonald
Out on the patio, we’d sit, and the humidity, we’d breathe, but the last thing we’d expect to see on a sunny Aussie arvo is a 7ft snake slide its way up and across your screen door.
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Well, this is exactly what happened to one Reddit User, who managed to snap the snake mid-slither much to the shock/delight of the always-vocal Reddit community.
Credit: SainteDeus/Reddit.
^^ Yeah, nah... Not into it, ay.
Australia is known across the world for its varied scaled, hairy and/or scary wildlife. Along with snakes, Oz has a reputation for possessing more species of giant spiders than people can fathom.
… which is why we’re sure that the thought of a plague of creepy crawlies (yes, PLAGUE) would’ve scared the living daylights out of foreigners and locals, alike.
As previously reported by Now To Love earlier this year, Australia was in the grip of a spider plague – something Queensland Museum’s arachnologist Dr Robert Raven put down to one uncharacteristically wet summer.
“You pick up your towel and the next thing you know you have a huntsman on your face,” he said, while giving people across the nation tips on how to steer clear of these sometimes-venomous, deadly spiders.
“If you start finding them around the house, one of the things to look for is a web hanging on gutters at downpipes. If it’s there, it means you should probably get professional help to treat the redbacks.”
Excuse us while we:
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Snakes on a screen? Spiders in your sheets? Yep, we really do come from the land Down Under…
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^^Like we even needed to prove it...