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14 times swaggering like the viral BBC kid is the only option

We can all channel this little legend… And so we should.

By Lorna Gray
Over the weekend, we were gifted with the best video of all time. We're talking, of course, about political science professor Robert Kelly's viral video where he was interrupted spectacularly by his amazing children, live on BBC News.
Professor Kelly was in the middle of talking about relations between North Korea and South Korea when his toddler daughter bursts into the room, followed by her baby sibling in a roll-y walker, then her stressed-out mother.
But we'd like to argue the little girl's entrance is the best thing about the viral video.
Jonny Cooper from The Telegraph described it best, saying: "Prof Kelly's daughter introduces herself with the swagger of an MMA fighter."
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^ He has a point.
The little girl, with her adorable glasses, pigtails and bright yellow jumper is our new hero and we'd like to channel her raw toddler confidence at all times.
Here are all the times it's acceptable to swagger like the little legend…

1. When you nail the argument you practiced for 10 mins in the shower.

2. When you take your bra off after a long day, freeing the girls from their underwired shackles.

3. When someone says your hair looks good but, lol, you haven’t washed it in like a week.

4. When he gives you *that* look.

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5. When the barista gives you a free coffee. (Ok you might spend a gazillion dollars a year on those flat whites but small victories?)

6. When your online shopping arrives but you’d forgotten you'd even ordered it.

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7. When your kid is perfection personified in front of your friends and you’re like ‘Yep, I made that.’

8. When you get the last word in a (petty) argument.

9. When you find $50 in a handbag you never really use.

10. When you watch any film that features Chris Hemsworth.

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11. When you wake up and realise it’s only Sunday.

12. When someone cancels on you (but you didn't really want to go anyway).

13. When you make happy hour with a minute to spare.

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14. And, of course, when your dad is live on the BBC discussing North Korea and you decide you’d like to become a viral internet sensation.