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Woman delivers own baby using instructional YouTube videos while alone in a hotel room

This has to be the most amazing birth story of all time.

By Holly Royce
Sure, Kate Middleton in full hair and makeup seven hours after giving birth is impressive, BUT Tia Freeman's birth story is on a whole other level.
The 22-year-old didn't really believe she was pregnant, and she was still in denial when she went into labour during a stopover in a Turkish hotel room and blamed her increasing stomach cramps on what she believed was food poisoning. That was until things became so dire, Tia had to use instructional YouTube videos to deliver her baby alone in her hotel room.
She tweeted her unbelievable story, and unsurprisingly, it quickly had jaws dropping around the world.
These quotes are taken directly from Tia's Twitter and shared as they have been tweeted.
22-year-old Tia's story has been shared thousands of times.
On April 24th, the US computer specialist started her story by revealing she didn't know she was pregnant until her third trimester.
"I didn't know I was pregnant for a while (already in my 3rd trimester) and before you ask the birth control I was on made it, so I didn't have a cycle every month. So not having a period wasn't an indicator for me. On top of that I didn't gain any weight," Tia Tweeted.
Working in a different state away from her friends and family, Tia decided to keep the news to herself.
"So then I'm in denial for another month after that like there's no way a B*tch is preggo. At this point, I'm working in VA and away from everyone, so I just decided not to tell anyone. My dumbass was like maybe it'll go away..."
Nothing was going to stop Tia from enjoying a vacation in Germany.
"I had already purchased tickets for a vacay in Germany and ya girl was not about to waste international flight money. So I was like if the boy comes on time I should be all good in the hood. So I came home for two seconds before hopping on my flight to Germany," Tia continues.
This is when things take a turn...
"So everything is going well no biggie but dawg this is a 14hr flight & there was a complimentary meal but everything had meat in it & you know I'm a vegetarian so I was like I can't eat this but 14 hrs was too long to wait so I decided to eat the salmon hoping I wouldn't get sick."
"Now I don't know if it was the salmon, the flight, or it was just my time, but out of nowhere, I start cramping up. I've still got like an hour left before we land. I just knew I had food poisoning. Y'all I was HURT."
She tried sleeping, but nothing could ease the cramps. After an agonising trip through Turkish customs, Tia made it to her hotel room where she was staying for her 17-hour stopover.
That's when Tia realised she may be in labour.
"The internet was like well my good sis the only thing different between labor and Braxton Hicks is your water breaking. This was completely not helpful so now I gotta wait until then to know if this is legit or not," the 22-year-old tweeted.
"I make it to my hotel & now I'm sure I'm in labor. There is no way in the world I'm not in labor because I can barely standup at this point. So I'm in a foreign country, where no one speaks English, I don't know this country's emergency number, & I have no clue what to do."
Enter YouTube, where Tia looks up videos on how to deliver her own baby
"So yo it's GAME TIME. I don't have time to be nervous. It's time to get shit done. I spring into action. Filling up the tub with warm water #WaterBirth, grabbing a towel to bite down on, grabbing another towel to wrap him/her up with whenever it pops out."
"It's weird how focused a person becomes when their adrenaline starts going. Because at no point ever did I freak out. Like I just did what I had to do."
"Luckily it happened pretty quickly. I only had to push about 5-6x before a baby popped out. Lol, now let me tell you babies are buoyant. That little joker said bloop and floated right on up to the top of the water."
With her newborn baby boy on her chest, Tia must now figure out how to pass the the placenta and cut the umbilical cord.
Finally after cutting the cord and cleaning the bathroom, you'd think Tia would take herself to hospital right? WRONG.
"So I clean up the bathroom, breastfeed my baby, and go to sleep. No I do not go to the hospital I take my ass to bed. 😂😂 so the next day I wake up for and get ready to go to the airport because I already paid for the cab the night before & even though I knew I couldn't fly out," Tia continues.
Finally, once her story was confirmed by doctors, Tia and her baby Xay where given the royal treatment from Turkish Airlines staff.
"Shoutout to @TurkishAirlines this was hands down the best flight, attendants, services, and overall workers I've ever experienced. Everyone was so nice! They bought him his first outfit lol. Because he was damn near naked when he arrive."
FINALLY, Tia and her baby return home - much to the surprise of her friends and family who had no idea Tia was even pregnant.
Congratulations to Tia and Xavier, who are both happy and doing well.
What a story Tia will have for Xavier's 18th.