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The hunt for 9 News mole begins!

Who leaked the now-viral clip of the feuding co-stars?

By Amber Manto
When off-air footage of Amber Sherlock berating fellow reporter Julie Snook to “put a jacket” on because they were both wearing white was leaked online yesterday, it was clear they had a traitor amongst them.
Not happy, Julie. Change your top!
Channel 9 is reportedly fuming over the debacle and immediately kicked off a “witch hunt” to find out the identity of sneaky perpetrator, according to sources at The Daily Telegraph.
“There are only a handful of people who could have been responsible for the video spreading,” the insider said.
“It wouldn’t take long to narrow down the source.”
The damaging video was allegedly circulated around the Nine newsroom before it was handed over to Mumbrella, from there making its way around the rest of the internet yesterday.
Overnight social media went into overdrive, as many people slammed Amber for her diva outburst.
"It was hugely embarrassing and Amber will be demanding answers," a source told news.com.au.
Wardrobe crisis averted! Amber was happy Julie was back in black.
Nine has confirmed they are yet to flush out the mole and it is reported they are considering what action to take once they do.
Wouldn't want to be that person!
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