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See the incredible moment two brothers reunite with their adoptive family

After a gruelling three-year wait, Jennifer Murrow Grover and her husband James were finally able to welcome their adopted sons into their loving arms.

By Katie Skelly
Jennifer and James Grover’s lengthy adoption process began back in 2012, when they first took steps to bring Joseph, 14, and Bronson, seven, home to their family in Utah, all the way from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
But the adoption journey was not without complications. A year into the process, a suspension placed on issuing exit letters forbidding children to be adopted by foreign families was implemented, causing an extensive delay in the boys’ visa approvals.
This meant that they were forced to remain in an orphanage with no running water and little food, while limited access to health supplies also meant that both boys suffered from malaria.
"We had done everything - the lengthy court process, were financially responsible for them and had even been over to meet them. They were ours in every way," the 43-year-old mum told Today.
"I can't describe the pain I was feeling during that period of limbo."
Earlier this month on March 1, Jennifer and James finally received the news they had been waiting for. After three long years, their boys were coming home.
Heartwarming homecoming: After three long years, Jennifer Murrow Grover and her husband James were finally able to welcome their adopted sons home.
The admirable mother uploaded the touching video to Facebook accompanied by the caption: “In 2012 (yes, you read that correctly...2012), we started the adoption process to bring home our two precious sons from the Democratic Republic of Congo.”
Since its upload on March 3, the footage of Joseph and Bronson leaping into their parent’s arms at Salt Lake City International airport has gone viral, with over 5 million views.
Watch the tearful homecoming clip in the video player above!
"Until I was holding them, I didn't believe it," Jennifer explained to Today.com.
"We've already been through the adoption process three times before, but this one sent us on an emotional roller coaster."
The couple are already parents to four biological children, Emily, 19, Brianne, 17, Joshua, 16, and Jeffrey, 12 , as well as two adopted – 14-year-old Lauren from Kazakhstan, and 12-year-old Michael from China. Their son Jacob, who was also adopted from China, sadly passed away in 2013.
The Grover clan!
So where are they now?
Jennifer, James and all eight of their children couldn’t be happier. With the kids attending school in Utah and spending their weekend’s bike riding and shooting hoops, they’re all getting along like a house on fire.
“All the kids have attached in every sense of the word,” Jennifer said to Us. “Last night they had leg wrestles and dance parties in the family room!”
"I feel lucky that I'm able to give these boys a home and a family," she explained before adding, "even if it did take longer than expected."
Bronson hits the road!

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