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Mum gives birth to six kilo baby… with only gas and air for relief

Weighing the same as an average five-month-old, it’s thought baby Brian is the biggest the state of Victoria has ever seen!

By Lorna Gray
Liddle by name, certainly not liddle by nature!
Baby Brian Liddle Jr was born yesterday and he is an absolute whopper, as well as being incredibly cute!
Yesterday, his mum Natashia Corrigan stunned midwives as she gave birth to the heaviest baby born at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg.
Weighing 6.06 kilos and stretching 57cm long, he weighs the same as an average five-month-old.
"I've always wanted a big, chubby baby and now I've gotten what I want," the mum-of-four explained.
Natashia, who is from Preston, said her other children were induced, so giving birth naturally was a new experience for her.
"He fits size zero and infant nappies," Natashia said. "We had to buy clothes for him at the giftshop."
Records are currently being checked to see if Brian is the heaviest baby ever born in Victoria.

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