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UF-OMG! The creepiest UFO and alien encounters in Australia

Whether you believe in aliens or not, these sightings sure are strange.

By Laura Masia
If you've ever wondered if there's life out there in the universe, you need to read about these bizarre encounters.
They are out of this world!

Up up and away

The weather was mild and calm as banana farmer George Pedley drove his tractor by a sugar cane farm in Tully, Queensland, in January 1966.
Suddenly, he felt the ground beneath him vibrate. Worried that his tyre was losing air, he glanced down at the tractor, but then something else caught his attention.
A silver saucer-shaped object rose out of 
a lagoon towards the treetops. Then, it tilted 
on its side before speeding away into the horizon.
The sugar cane fields in North Queensland are known for extraterrestrial activity. Image: Getty
Curious, George, 28, went to the lagoon for a closer look and saw a large indentation in the reeds, which had been uprooted and swirled into a floating mat.
The case quickly became 
a media phenomenon.
"Had anyone asked me five days ago if I believed in flying saucers I'd have laughed and thought they were nuts. But now I know better," George said at the time.
Since then, many reports of extraterrestrial activity coming from the Tully area have been noted and it's considered to be one of the nation's most popular areas for UFO sightings.

Schoolyard sighting

As the bell rang for recess, students at Westall High School 
in Melbourne spilled out 
into the yard.
But quickly, the regular Wednesday in 1966 became one the kids and teachers would remember for years.
As they looked up at 
the sky, three round silver aircrafts caught their attention as they hovered above the school.
More than 300 witnesses watched, fascinated as one of the saucers began to descend into the bushland area behind the school.
This UFO park was designed by council to reflect the 1966 Westall sighting. Image: Weekend Notes
One student, Terry Peck, followed the UFO, jumping over the school fence to get a closer look.
She stood in front of the aircraft, stunned, until it slowly raised off the ground, turned on its side and shot into the sky to 
join the other aircrafts, leaving deep indentations 
in the grass.
The school buzzed with excitement and shock, and reporters rushed to the scene.
The sighting was front page news! Image: Local History
Another student, Joy Clarke, was interviewed out the front of the school as a military officer put his hand on her shoulder and told 
her to be quiet. The students were also instructed by the principal not to believe what they'd seen that day.
Over 50 years on, witnesses of the Westall UFO sighting are still confident of what they saw and the incident is still being investigated.

A light in the dark

Driving along the remote Nullarbor Plain, the Knowles family were making the long trip from Perth to Melbourne in 1988.
It was still dark in the early hours of the morning when suddenly, a large glowing ball of light appeared behind the car.
Faye and her three adult sons Patrick, Wayne and Sean tried to outrun the orb but it was no use.
It quickly caught up to them, landing on the roof of the car and pulling them into the air. Sean, who was driving, put his foot on 
the accelerator.
A newspaper clipping at the time of the incident. Image: ABC News
"We thought we were dying, then we got out of the car and we hid behind a little tree in the bushes," Faye recalled of the incident.
Although the car was covered in dents and a thick black dust, the family drove until they reached the next town, Ceduna, where they reported the strange events to police.
The story quickly made global headlines and to this day, there are many theories on what really happened that night.

Branded by aliens

In August 1993, Kelly Cahill was driving home with her husband, Andrew, from a friend's house in the Dandenong Ranges when she saw what looked like a blimp with a ring of orange lights floating over the road in front of her.
Sketches done by Kelly, Jane and Glenda of the UFO they each saw that night. Image: YouTube
As they got closer, they could see the outlines of people inside the orange lights.
The aircraft moved to the left of the road and disappeared. A kilometre later, they saw a screen of light burst across the road.
As her heart raced, Kelly, 27, and her husband got out of the car and began walking towards the blimp. She noticed two other cars further down the road.
The mark left on Glenda's ankle. Image: YouTube
The mum-of-three watched in awe as aliens emerged.
Terrified, Kelly screamed but as she did, their eyes turned red and she felt a blow to her stomach then everything went black.After the incident, Kelly found a small triangle burned onto her navel.
She spoke out and discovered her description of the night's events matched Jane, Glenda and Bill's – the other witnesses. All of them described the same ship, aliens, and the women reported similar burn marks on their bodies.

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