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U2’s Bono had to be evacuated during the Bastille Day terror attack in Nice

The singer was saved by anti-terror police and had to be lead out with his hands over his head.

By Elizabeth Best
Lead singer and rock legend Bono had to be evacuated from a nearby restaurant during the Bastille Day terror attack in Nice.
The 56-year-old singer found himself caught up in the horror while dining on the terrace of La Petite Maison.
When the mass murderer drove his lorry into crowds watching the fireworks nearby, Bono and the other diners in the restaurant froze in fear.
The owner of the upmarket restaurant spoke out about the awful events that night.
“Suddenly I saw people running, without shouting,” said Anne-Laure Rubi. “It was a silent panic, it was extraordinary."
The singer had been dining nearby when the chaos unfolded.
The restaurant staff pulled down the shutters, and instructed everyone to hide and remain calm.
It took 30 minutes of crouching in fear before the police came to evacuate and rescue the patrons.
“It took around half an hour for the police to get us out,” said another diner.
“Like everybody else, Bono had to put his hands on his head, and was told to remain calm. The police were clearly very worried that terrorists might still be at large, and everybody was under suspicion.”
Bono was also nearby when the Paris terror attacks occurred.
Bono owns a house in the nearby town of Eze and had been out to dinner with a group of friends.
It’s the second time the singer has found himself close to a major terrorist attack.
Bono pays an emotional tribute to victims of the Paris attacks in the clip below. Post continues.
He was rehearsing for a concert nearby in Paris when ISIS attacked the Bataclan theatre killing 89 people in November.
The musician ignored advice to leave the French capital, instead making their way to the theatre where the attack occurred to pay their respects.

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