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Twins separated at birth reunited 69 years later

Nearly 70 years after their birth, a pair of twin brothers have met for the first time in an emotional reunion.

69-year-old twins, George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, were separated shortly after birth when their Polish mother became ill and could no longer care for her sons.
According to People the twins were taken to Poland where they were adopted by two different families.
Lucian lived his whole life in Poland and did not find out about his adoption until her was drafted into the army. His brother, George, came across paperwork from his adoption at 17 and after not being able to find any further evidence of his family - even with the help of The Red Cross - a rift was torn in his adoptive family and he moved to California.
Although George always hoped to find his twin, it was Lucian who finally received the information that held the key to their reunion. Until he has this information about his biological he was unaware that he had a twin.
It was thanks to the Red Cross Restoring Family Links Program that the two men were finally able to meet again.
VIDEO : Twins emotional reunion after nearly 70 years
After 69 years apart the two men were reunited in Warsaw, Poland. The emotion was evident and the pair now say they plan to spend more time together and catch up on all of the lost years they spent apart.
Whilst they were investigating their history, The Red Cross also found more information about the boys' parents.
They discovered that their father was an American soldier who returned to the US before the birth of the boys, and that their mother had tried to find them after their adoption but she was forbidden from learning their whereabouts.

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