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See the inspiring way this teen amputee and his dad are changing lives

The Baltz family have been through tougher times than most, but now they are inspiring millions thanks to an incredible viral photo.

By Blake Nadilo
When JC and Kim Baltz were told that their son Ben would need his leg amputated at six-years-old due to a cancer diagnosis, they were understandably in a state of shock, but they soon realised that as a family, they just needed to adjust to a new normal.
Recently their story moved millions after a shot of JC and Ben, now 14, running a triathlon in the pouring rain went viral and the Baltzs have been blown away by the support.
The photograph was taken at the Freedom Springs Triathlon in Florida back in 2013 and it depicts the father and son holding hands as they battle the strenuous run in torrential rain - a powerful image of team work and love.
The viral image that is inspiring the world. (Credit: Paul Buchanan)
“He was tired, so I decided to run with him to get him going, I am not surprised he is inspiring others and encouraging others to lead an active life,” JC explained to Today.
Despite Ben being 11 when the photo was captured, it has only now gone global after his sister Rachel submitted it to a contest for Runner’s World.
The teen has been touched by the outpouring of support he has received and told Today, “I never thought I would ever get cancer - never had heard of cancer until I got it — and never thought I would be able to keep participating in triathlons.”
He added: “But all of those came out to be true and here I am — cured of cancer, running, biking, swimming and even surfing.”
And if you think something like an amputation would it get in Ben’s way, you’d be wrong, “My amputation hasn't stopped me, or even slowed me down. It only brought me obstacles, all of which I have overcome.”
Talk about inspiring!

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