Real Life

REAL LIFE: How one man pulled off the ultimate proposal at one of Sydney's most iconic landmarks

Sofia shares all the amazing details on her sky-high proposal.

By As told to Take 5

Sofia Ignatik, 29, Sydney, NSW shares her story:

My boyfriend, Juan, couldn't hide his excitement.
"Babe, I've got great news," he began. "I've won a competition to climb the Harbour Bridge."
Since moving here from Russia six years ago, I'd fallen in love with Sydney.
The Harbour Bridge and the Opera House 
were my favourite landmarks and although I'd seen 
as much of the country as I could, actually climbing the bridge was still on my to-do list.
The timing couldn't have been better, as it coincided with our one-year anniversary.
"A TV station wants to interview us when we reach the top," Juan explained.
That morning, I woke up 
at 4am to do my hair and make-up. I'd never been on TV before and was jittery with nerves. Juan couldn't stop smiling.
As we began the climb in 
a small group, I watched sunlight pierce through the sky, revealing a perfect Sydney morning. It was stunning.
At the top, a cameraman and reporter from Sunrise were waiting.
He was the man who had captured my heart Image: Supplied
"Happy anniversary, 
guys," the reporter began, before asking us about our first date.
Juan had him in hysterics as he recalled how he'd invited me over for dinner but ended up ordering 
pizza instead!
"Well, Juan lied to you about cooking dinner on 
the first date," the reporter said, "and he's also lied 
to you about winning 
a competition today."
What? I wondered. Juan wasn't a prankster, so I couldn't think of any reason for him to mislead me.
The moment couldn't have been more perfect Image: Supplied
But with that, Juan dropped to his knee and pulled out a ring from his sleeve.
"Baby, will you marry me? I love you," he said.
I trembled, suddenly overcome with emotion. 
"I love you, too."
"Say yes!" the news crew urged me.
And that's exactly what 
I did!
Juan pulled me in for 
a kiss as we looked at the dazzling city below us.
We can't wait to 
start our new lives together Image: Supplied
It was the perfect way to begin my new life with the man who had my heart.
We haven't set a date for our wedding yet as we want to wait for international travel to be permitted so 
my parents in Russia and Juan's family from El Salvador can both be here for it.
But whenever I walk down the aisle, I know I'll be with the sweetest guy whose big surprise left me speechless.

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