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Spider invasion in NSW: “The walls were moving”

Homes in far west NSW are being inundated with wolf spiders trying to escape rising flood waters.

Kathy Holmes doesn’t like spiders at all. In fact, she describes herself as arachnophobic.
“I hate them, I'm terrified of them,” she told the ABC.
So managing to get rid of them like she has deserves some recognition. “The walls were moving with spiders. I have never seen so many before,” she said.
Here’s the video she filmed of some of the “dead” critters she collected from her holiday home near Lake Menindee. This video was captioned:
*“The Menindee Lake has been empty for 3 years when the Lake filled the spiders moved to higher ground unfortunately that was straight thru my house.
I killed these in less than an hour they were relentless. And they often played dead the devious little eight legged Freaks.
Another resident Ross Leddra described it like this: “"There are absolutely millions of spiders… it's unbelievable. You have got to check where you are sitting, and the kids are going crazy.”

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