Sophie Delezio's extraordinary life as the 22-year-old shares ‘completely open and honest’ new video

The miracle burns survivor the nation fell in love is all grown up!

By Grace Goumas
The heartbreaking images of a young Sophie Delezio recovering from horrific burns will forever be etched into the psyche of Australian minds.
Despite her unimaginable hardships, Sophie's beaming smile never waned. And years on from her two horrific accidents, Sophie's trademark smile hasn't changed a bit.
The ambitious 22-year-old has grown into an incredible young woman, returning from an overseas stint studying sociology and international relations at the University of London.
"Sophie is a very determined young woman," her proud father Ron told The Weekly last year ahead of her departure.
"She has had to be determined and strong all her life. After everything that she has endured in the past 15 years, her just being alive is a testament to how determined she really is. She has had a plan to live overseas for at least a couple of years and she's been quietly working toward that goal the entire time."
Her unbelievably cruel start to life is the stuff of nightmares.
Sophie lost her feet, an ear and some of her fingers when a car ploughed into her Sydney daycare centre just before Christmas in 2003, before suffering a heart attack when she was hit by a car and thrown almost 20 metres in another terrible accident in May 2006.
Sophie has never let the accidents or the lifelong disabilities they left her with prevent her from chasing her dreams.
"In my mind I'm not 'Sophie the girl with no legs' but someone completely normal. I think of myself as Sophie the chatterbox, the socialite, the girl who loves a good hamburger and enjoys each day as much as she can," she has said.
"Everything is a choice. You can choose not to see the positive in things. You can choose to just focus on the negatives and wallow in pity. Everyone is allowed to grieve but you also need to look at the beauty in the world."
The high school sweethearts are ready to tie the knot! Woman's Day
Sophie recently got engaged to Joseph Salerno on Valentine's Day 2023 and now the couple have just moved into their new apartment that they own together.
Their love story sounds like it came straight from a Hollywood rom-com after the two met when they were six-year-old kids on the same swimming team.
She recently shared a candid video updating her fans about her natural hair after wearing hair extensions since she was just 15.

In the mirror she showcased her hair without the extensions and explained that despite loving them that's not her reality.
"They make me feel confident and happy and I love wearing them. But during this recovery journey I thought now was the best time to give my entire body a chance to recover and leave my neutral hair be for a moment!"
She also updated her fans after she had surgery on her legs to improve her walking and give herself that freedom and independence.
"It has been a long time coming but I'm finally up and semi walking! I cannot express the relief I feel to be upright and independent!" Sophie shared along with a video on her Instagram.
Keep scrolling as we take a look at Sophie's amazing journey in pictures!

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