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Secrets from a check-out chick

Ever wondered what checkout chicks thought as they scanned your groceries? Here, they spill all.

1.Believe it or not: the customer isn’t always right. If there’s an error, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free. So calm down.
2.Sleazy men: we come to work because we have to. Not to serve you and have you staring at our chest or making horrible jokes that aren’t appropriate.
3.If you are coming from the gym, PLEASE don’t leave your smelly towels in the basket and expect us to work around it.
4.Please don’t allow your child to leave their slobber on your groceries because we have to touch it. If you do want them to chew your groceries, please have the decency to provide us with an alternate product to scan.
5.Also, tell them to stop covering up the sensors on the conveyor belt.
6.“I came in for one thing.” We hear it about a million times a day and it’s not funny.
7.If you have multiple purses for your notes, gold and silver coins, that’s great. Just sort yourself out before the end of the transaction.
8.We’re all for enviro bags – we see how many plastic bags we go through. But please don’t come in with ones from clothing stores. Amazingly, not a lot fits and it takes us a lot longer to pack your groceries.
9.“I forgot my green bags.” Again, we hear this a million times. Don’t whinge; just say nothing at all or buy some new ones.
10.Or if we’ve already packed everything into plastic bags, and then you remember your green bags, please don’t expect us to repack everything.
11.Please don’t interrupt us while we’re serving another customer just to ask where something is. It’s rude.
12.“You’re so lucky to be inside in the air conditioning today. It’s SO hot outside.” Trust us. If we could be outside, we would.
13.Please use the dividers. Despite popular belief, we’re not mind readers nor do we keep an eye out to see when you have stopped placing groceries on the belts. That’s why there are dividers.
14.Don’t call us by our nicknames. We’re not friends.
15.Those 24 packs of soft drink? We don’t need them on the belt. Leave them in your trolley.
16.Finally, get off your phone. It’s just rude.
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