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"We celebrated the royal wedding with Pimms and tea!" Meet Beks Taylor, New Zealand’s biggest royalist

Beks loves the British Royal Family so much that she has even replaced family photos in her house with pictures of Harry and Meghan!

By As told to Take 5

Beks Taylor, 48, from Temuka, NZ, shares her real-life story...

Princess Diana closed her eyes and kissed Prince Charles on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.
The crowds cheered and I clapped, too.
"When I grow up I want to be a princess," I said dreamily.
I was 11 years old, and watching the royal wedding being broadcast on TV.
That grainy footage lodged its place in my heart and I became a huge royal enthusiast, an interest that continued through to adulthood.
One of my best friends, Polly, shared my enthusiasm.
The two of us frequently discussed the latest royal gossip that we devoured in magazines.
One day, I flicked on the news and was shattered to hear that Diana had been killed.
"No!" I wailed.
Polly and I spent the next week in mourning, lighting candles and crying throughout her entire funeral.
"Diana was one of a kind, and I didn't believe anyone would ever replace her."
But when William was due to marry Kate, I felt that familiar enchantment rise again.
"We should celebrate," I said to my husband Chris.
We organised a lavish wedding party at our place for 20 mates complete with high tea, cucumber sandwiches and as much royal memorabilia as I could find.
"All dolled up in a blue dress, red tights and white gloves to represent the Union Jack, I sighed happily as William and Kate said 'I do'."
This year I did it all over again for Harry and Meghan's wedding.
I wasn't sure of Meghan at first and feared poor Harry would have his heart broken.
But I've since come to realise she's a real trailblazer, just like Diana. I especially admire all the charity work she's done.
Beks and her partner, Chris. Photos are exclusive property of Take 5.
Sadly, their wedding clashed with a friend's 60th so Chris couldn't come, but I wasn't going to put my party on hold for anyone.
This time I wore the British flag with a tiara and became Queen Beks for the day.
"This time I wore the British flag with a tiara and became Queen Beks for the day." Photos are exclusive property of Take 5.
The whole country knows about my obsession – I reckon I'm one of New Zealand's biggest royalists.
Thankfully Chris and my three kids are understanding.
I may not have grown up to be a princess but with royal weddings to enjoy, life can still occasionally feel like a fairytale.

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